San Jose Church of Christ (SJCC) “opened its doors” on October 9, 1993. As the congregation grew, they moved to a one-story building on Story Road and then to a two-story building on Oakland Road. It is the greatest joy that San Jose Church of Christ is now a pioneering church in the capital of Silicon Valley here in San Jose, California because of God’s Marvelous Work.

Presently, SJCC resides in a newer modern building located at 2272-D Bldg. A, Quimby Rd, San Jose, CA 95122 . They continue to grow under the tutelage of 2 pastors, 7 elders, 9 deacons, 14 deaconesses, and 6 ministry leaders.

When SJCC was born, the initial thrust was to reach out and minister to all Filipino immigrants, especially the elder ones. Presently, our goal is “To bring all people to Jesus”.

Our Vision

The vision of Life At Its Best:

As God works in and through SJCC to become more and more a church that enjoys God’s love, a Caring Community, and our God-given gifts then more and more people will be able to experience life at its best one at a time.

The vision of enjoying God’s love:

SJCC desires to be a place to enjoy God’s overflowing love by accepting, sharing, and growing in God’s amazing grace.

The vision of enjoying a caring community:

SJCC desires to be a place where people can become connected to a caring community through small groups, retreats, and fun events to find love, acceptance, guidance, and encouragement.

The vision of enjoying our God-given gifts:

SJCC desires to be a place where people enjoy their God-given gifts through discovering their gifts, engaging them in the church, and becoming good managers of their lives, knowledge, resources, and talents to meet needs and build the church.

Our Team:

Ptr. Arnel Alon – Lead Pastor
Ptr. Moses San Luis – Associate Music Pastor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Our Beliefs

We are simply a Church of Christ (Romans 16:16) in fellowship with all who follow the simple program of the Church revealed in the New Testament. We do not belong to any denomination. We are independent believers trying to follow the pattern of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.